Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs)

Approximately 300,000 people will die from sudden cardiac arrest in the United States this year. Experts agree that, along with calling 9-1-1, the most effective treatment for this unexpected event is the application of a defibrillator as soon as possible.

Advances in technology have developed a simple and reliable machine that can be applied and discharged under appropriate conditions with minimal training – the Automated External Defibrillator (AED). Today’s machines assist non-medical personnel through the safe application of adhesive pads to the discharge of potentially lifesaving electricity with clear voice commands.

The School has placed several defibrillators throughout the campus in strategic locations to reduce the time it takes to reach an unconscious victim. Defibrillators are located within unlocked white wall cabinets. Each machine has an accessory bag attached that contains additional supplies necessary for the event. The bag contains gloves, a pocket mask if respirations are delivered, a razor, a large paper towel to dry a patient off along with some hand wipes and a medical waste bag.

While it is preferred that personnel trained in CPR/AED operate the unit, untrained personnel are not prohibited from using this technology. The 9-1-1 operator will be aware of the AED (they are all registered with the State) and available to walk untrained users through the process. They will also likely instruct untrained rescuers to deliver CPR until emergency crews arrive if the AED is unsuccessful in reviving the patient.

By familiarizing yourselves with the location and operation of the AED, as well as learning CPR and other vital life saving techniques, we can continue to provide a safe community for our residents, guests and visitors. If you or your department would like additional training in the use of these AED’s, contact the Safety and Security Department for help. We are fortunate to have training units which allow us to perform real-life training and relieve the anxiety of what to do during these rare events.


Building Street Address Location of AED
Alumni House 7 Rectory Road First floor, vicinity of HR waiting area
Clark House 59 Rectory Road Main entrance, to the right of the nurses’ station
Schoolhouse 15 Jerome Ridge 2nd floor, in front of the elevator
Food Services 20 Hockey Lane Just left of the entrance to the Middle dining room
Matthews Hockey Center 27 Hockey Lane Near entrance to Captain’s room
Chapel of St. Peter and St. Paul 46 Rectory Road Rear of Chapel, Rectory exit
Memorial Hall 38 Dunbarton Road Main entry vestibule
Athletic & Fitness Center 87 Dunbarton Road Main entry vestibule
Matthes Cage 85 Dunbarton Road Parking lot exit
Blass Club House 41 Pelican Alley Inside clubhouse
Lindsay Center for Mathematics and Science 36 Dunbarton Road Schoolhouse entrance vestibule
Facilities / Central Heating Plant 58 Dunbarton Road Main entrance, inside small mail room
Vehicle Garage / White Farm 18 Builder’s Square Main entrance hallway, outside of break room
McLane Squash Courts 15 Library Road Inside main entry on left wall
Synthetic Turf Field 10 Silk Farm Rd. Gender neutral restroom
Crumpacker Boathouse 300 Dunbarton Road Shattuck side (left side), floor 1, outside Men’s restroom
Community Center 32 Library Road First floor, adjacent to main stairs to lower level
Rectory 53 Rectory Road White cabinet on the wall in the kitchen