Study Tour of Greece

Spring Break, 2016

Itinerary Highlights: 
, site of the wondrous

Dear Dr. Reider:
What a pleasure it was to participate in the Study Tour of Greece this year!  Seventeen students and their chaperones explored Greece for 13 days in the company of expert guides.  After a cool first few days, we enjoyed nice weather. We all learned a lot about Greece, and had a bunch of fun, too!
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A requirement for Classical Honors Program participants, the Study Tour of Greece is also open to all upperformers, whether in a Greek or Latin class or not. Over the years, the Tour has been the font of innumerable unforgettable memories and lasting friendships for scores of SPS students. In the space below, we present an itinerary of the Tour along with pictures taken by students and faculty. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Acropolis and the National Museum
Knossos, where Theseus slew the mythic minotaur
, birthplace of the Olympic Games Delphi, site of the Oracle to Apollo

An adventure in learning that will be memorable and fun! 

Sample Itinerary

Day 1:  USA - A t h e n s.
Day 2:  A t h e n s.
Arrival. Transfer with assistance and private bus to your centrally located hotel, Hotel Philippos or similar.  Walking orientation to Plaka area near the hotel.  Dinner in nearby restaurant in Plaka. Overnight with breakfast at Hotel Philippos. 

Day 3:  A t h e n s
Guided visit on foot of the Acropolis, New Acropolis Museum, and the Agora. Lunch on your own.

Overnight with breakfast Hotel Philippos.

Tavernas line a gaily lit side street at night in the Plaka>>

(below) On top of the Acropolis

Day 4: Athens—Sounion—Heraklion
Traveling by bus, pass the Olympic Stadium, then continue along the coast to the Temple of Poseidon.Visit to the St.Paul Orthodox Nunnery, Sounion. Continue drive to airport for flight to Heraklion.
                  (below): Temple of Poseidon, Sounion

Day 5: Heraklion, Crete.
Early morning arrival at 6:00am. Transfer by bus to Hotel Lato for breakfast at 730am.
Visit the Archaeological Museum & Knossos Minoan Palace. Lunch stop (on your own) in this picturesque village.
Visit to the Minoan site of Vathypetro 7.45 pm. Dinner in selected Cretan tavern with Greek specialities. Overnight in Hotel Lato.

                                  Musicians in Iraklio    >
    A student tries her hand at the bouzouki >>

(below) Archaeological Museum, Heraklion

Day 6: Crete
Private guide and coach for excursion to Phaestos - Gortys. Drive to Zaro Lake or Kalamaki Beach (weather permitting). 
Afternoon return to Heraklion to board overnight ferry to Pireaus departure at 9 pm.

A warm afternoon permits students to swim beneath the historic cliff caves at Kalamaki Beach. No telling what the weather will be like this year! >

Day 7: Athens—Nauplion
arrival in Pireaus. Meet tour bus and guide to continue drive to Nauplion. Breakfast on the way. 
At Corinth, visit Ancient Corinth and then Epidaurus - sanctuary of Asclepios, God of Healing, and home to the best preserved Ancient Greek Theatre with excellent acoustics and a capacity of 14,000 spectators.  Dinner in local taverna ‘Ta Fanaria’ with an assortment of traditional Greek dishes. Overnight in Nauplion at Pension Marianna.

Day 8: Nauplion
, Palamides Fortress, Nemea and Mycenae
Visit the Citadel with the Cyclopean Walls, Lions Gate, Shaft graves, Beehive Tombs. Overnight in Nauplion.

^Ancient Corinth                                                          Theater at Epidauros>

(below) Students enjoy a meal together

Day 9: Stemnitsa -Dimitsana 
Drive to the traditional village of Stemnitsa, known for its silversmith school, old churches, typical architecture. Continue to Dimitsana, a historic traditional settlement with its famous library.
Visit the new open-air Water Power Museum and walking to the monastery of Emilianon.
Overnight in Stemnitsa

Day 10: Olympia
The ancient site of the Olympic games! Visit the Holy Grove with the Sanctuary of Zeus, the Stadium, the Treasuries, the Temple of Hera, etc. En route to Olympia, pick oranges and create your own Greek pottery.
Overnight in Olympia.

                                      Students hiking at Stemnitsa>

(below) Racing at Olympia
                        (below right) A pottery Class in progress


                                           ^In front of the Lion's Gate, Mycenae
<< Vews of Nauplion in morning and evening
(above and left) A delicious Greek meal!!
        (below) A Student Skit at the Museum of Water Power
<The race winner receives his laurel wreath

Day 11: Olympia—Delphi.
Guided visit of Museum of Olympia. 
Drive from the lower to the upper mainlaind, along the coastal road to Delphi, the site of the most famous oracle of the ancient times. Dinner in local tavern. Overnight with breakfast at Hotel Lycoria

Day 12: Delphi      
Visit the site of Delphi, including the Sanctuary of Apollo, The Tholos Temple of Athena, the Stadium, and the Archaeological Museum.
Afternoon return to Athens. Overnight in the hotel Philippos.
< and ^ Students dancing at the hotel in Olympia
                            (below) The Theater and Sanctuary at Delphi

Day 13: Athens
Visit the National Archaeological Museum and Presidential Palace.

Farewell dinner
in local tavern. Overnight with breakfast.

Day 14: Return to USA.  

                                                              Farewell dinner in Athens>

  (below) Students recreate the Parthenon pedimental sculpture on the final day in Athens. The guide (Smaragda Touloupa) acts as Athena. Backdrop: Olympic Stadium (1896)
< A bus break on the way to Delphi

(below) Two students take time at Delphi to execute a synchronized heel click!