What both mystifies and excites me about Classical languages is that we read texts that were written centuries ago and still understand a language that is no longer spoken. In a sense, I feel as though I am part of a secret society that not everyone else can belong to (or even fathom). I am delighted when I find correlations between the ancient and the modern worlds, like relating Greek mythology to contemporary stories. I find it cool to ponder the question: what would my life would be like if I lived during that time?       -CS, recent graduate

"The Classical Honors Program was one of the best and most informative experiences I had at SPS."
It gave me the opportunity to continue studying the Latin language that I love so much, and also to pick up Greek, which was one of the best decisions I made at SPS. The CHP offered me many experiences outside of the classroom as well, from trips to the Met in New York, to the Boston Museum of Science, to the two-week-long trip to Greece. These trips helped me gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for the ancient cultures than I could have ever imagined (and were some of the coolest trips I have ever taken). Anyone who has taken part in the program will tell you it was one of the best decisions they have ever made in their lives. The knowledge and experience gained will surely stay with us for the rest of our lives.
-CD, recent graduate

 ^Latin Students recreate the "Death of Socrates," by David     

                                                                  (below) At Knossos

The link between the ancient and modern worlds is no clearer than when seeing Greece itself. CHP students, who take both Latin and Greek, get to study authors like Vergil and Homer side-by-side, reading contrasting recounts of the Trojan War; they read the Bible's New Testament its original language, and examine various modern works based on the themes and morals posited by the classics. CHP members are leaders among Classics students and SPS students in general.                    -MB, recent graduate

The CHP allowed me to interact with other Latin or Greek scholars, who feel the same great passion for Classics as I do. Our CHP trips are a great way to bond with Classics students that happen to be in a different class than your own.
                                                          -DB, current student

The classics are my favorite area of study. Being a part of the CHP has given me an incredible connection to the ancient world. A definite highlight was going to see the Ancient Greek and Roman wing at the Met!                                        -CL, current student

A blonde curl rolls down across my eye.
Irrelevant, the night is too dark to see.
I leave it,
enjoying the golden tendril's embrace.
I can barely make out the guttural call,
but I can surely feel it,
resonating in the warm wet air.
There it is again; she's trying to find me,
take me with her.
But I'm happy here.
                                  -LC, recent graduate
"Sleeping Eros" (Student poem written on the field trip to the Metropolitan Museum in NYC.)

And Now A Few Words From Our Students...

<Image Courtesy of the Metropolitan Museum

 << Students at an exhibit at the Acropolis Museum  >>







At the Agora in Athens (below)