The classics have been part of the Saint Paul's School curriculum for more than 150 years. Although the required course of study no longer includes Greek and Latin, many Saint Paul’s students still find the study of these languages rewarding.

Why choose the classics?
How about for the sheer beauty of the literature, the profound insights of the thinkers, the wonders of art and architecture, and the lessons we may still draw from ancient history? The Founding Fathers, amateur classicists all, drew upon classical models -- the democracy of Athens and the Roman Republic -- when designing the government for the new United States.

Thinking about your future career?
Many fields, including the law, medicine, and the physical sciences, rely upon nomenclatures derived from Latin and Greek. Studies have proven a link between learning the classics and improvements in critical thinking -- including higher scores on the SAT test.

Who takes Latin and Greek at SPS?
Students from all backgrounds, interests, and nationalities. Amongst our Latin and Greek students are also many varsity athletes, musicians, dancers, debaters, actors, student leaders, and of course, academic prize winners!

Why choose SPS?
Our Latin and Greek curriculum is challenging yet engaging. We offer five levels of Latin, including an advanced track for accelerated learning, along with three levels of Greek with the possibility of advanced seminars in both languages for students who exhaust our normal course offerings. At each level, students work with a master teacher for a full year, as opposed to a semester or trimester, affording them the opportunity to explore the material in depth using a variety of methods, including the latest technologies such as DiLL (The Digital Language Lab), iFlash, InDesign and Pixton. Latin authors studied include Vergil, Cicero, Ovid, Caesar, Plautus, Livy. Greek authors include  Herodotus, Thucydides, Plato, Homer, as well as selections from Greek drama and lyric poetry. Portfolio projects required of all levels challenge students to enhance their understanding of the classical world through wikis, social media sites, skits, dances, films, presentations, essays, creative writing, debates, cartoons, etc, as appropriate to their level of study.

Every two years, SPS conducts a Study Tour of Greece during the first two weeks of spring break, giving students an international adventure and a chance to see, first hand, the art and architecture of the Greek world, to taste authentic Greek food, and even to learn some traditional folk dancing. Our student-led Classics Society hosts various events throughout the year, culminating in a yearly banquet in May, featuring Latin skits and the presentation of the National Latin Exam and National Greek Exam awards.

Last, but certainly not least, our Classical Honors Program offers the truly dedicated student a course of study combining the advanced Latin track with two years or more of Greek study, culminating in our prestigious Classical Honors diploma.

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