The Classical Honors Program

The Classical Honors Program at Saint Paul's School offers an advanced course of study in both Latin and ancient Greek. In addition to their study of the classics and the classical world, CHP students complete the standard SPS curriculum including courses in mathematics, science, humanities, and arts. Success in the CHP allows students to develop linguistic, critical and analytical skills comparable to those of college students, thereby enhancing their opportunities for admission to the most competitive colleges and universities. More importantly, the completion of the CHP sharpens students’ minds and spirits for years to come.

The Classical Honors Program provides a rich and varied curriculum including classical history, art, architecture, mythology, and the legacy of Greco-Roman civilization to our modern world as well as in-depth study of both Greek and Latin. Students enjoy the following benefits of participation:


Students may apply to enter the CHP either through the SPS admissions process or, for those students already in residence, by letter of application. In the first case, an invitation to join the CHP will determined by Latin grades, Latin teacher recommendation, and performance on an examination prepared by SPS. Students already at SPS who wish to join the program may submit a letter of application to the CHP, provided that they have completed an advanced-track Latin class at SPS with a final grade of High Honors, and are nearing completion of their first year of Greek with a grade of Honors or above. Students in the CHP are expected to continue their study of Latin at the advanced level throughout their SPS careers, and to take a minimum of two sequential years of Greek. They are also expected to participate in the Study Tour of Greece, the CHP field trips, and a capstone project to be completed in spring of their Sixth Form year. Upon successful completion of the program and of standard SPS requirements, students receive a special classical diploma.

Financial aid for some travel expenses is available for those who qualify.