Greek 3 Honors

Winter Term 2015


Honor Pledge

Special Projects!!




Announcements: Welcome Back to School!!!!!

Date Due


1/9 Welcome back to school!!. No HW due today but please download either this iFlash stack (Macs) or open this quizlet link
1/10 Readings from Bk. 2 TBA (we will scan at sight in class so be ready)
1/12 Readings from Bk. 2 TBA (we will scan at sight in class so be ready)
1/13 Vocabulary Quiz 1
1/16 Readings from Bk. 2 TBA (we will scan at sight in class so be ready)
1/17 Readings from Bk. 2 TBA (we will scan at sight in class so be ready)
1/20 Vocabulary Quiz 2
1/22 Sight Translation
1/23 Readings from Book 3 TBA
1/24 Readings from Book 3 TBA
1/26 Please look up (in English translation) the following two groups of similes: Group 1: 8.302-8, 5.519-527, 4.452 ff, 2.469 ff., 4.275ff; Group 2: 4.141-147, 13. 389ff, 11.86ff, 17.389-395. ANALYSIS: compare and contrast the two groups. How do they direct the mind of the hearer/reader? Are they well-fitted to their context in the story? Do they cause a shift in tone? Are they ironic? Tragic? Is there a pattern or "cumulative effect" as far as you can tell? Make written notes.
1/27 Readings from Book 3 TBA
1/30 Make notes on your thoughts about the essay topic; we will discuss these in class.
2/3 Readings from Book 3 TBA
2/7 Readings from Book 3 TBA
2/9 Readings from Book 3 TBA
2/10 Vocabulary Quiz 3
2/13 Finish reading book 3 in English
2/17 Prepare for test
2/20 Test: Prepared Translation (154-309) & Oral Scansion (Language Lab or "Train Wreck")
2/21 Read Books 4-5 in English
2/23 National Greek Exam
2/24 Test: Sight Translation
2/26 Celebration Class
  Read Bk 6 in English up to line 332
  Readings from Book VI: Lily: 332-351; Shane: 352-373; Tommy 374-397
  Shane: 398-420; Tommy: 421-443; Lily 444-466
  Tommy: 467-489; Lily: 490-510 (middle of line): Shane: 510-end
  In-Class Essay, Book 6
  Read Books 7-8 in English
  Quiz on Vocabulary List 16
  Read Book 9 In English
  Read Book 10 In English
  Read Book 11 In English
  Read Book 12 in English; begin reading Essay by Simone Weil
  Read Book 13 in English
  Read Books 14-15 in English
  Student-led Discussion of Essay by Simone Weil
  Readings from Book XVI: Lily: 1-19; Shane: 20-39; Tommy: 40-59
  National Greek Exam Prep
  Shane: 60-79; Tommy: 80-100; Lily: 101-118
  Sight Translation & Comprehension/Grammar Questions
  Tommy: 119-138; Lily: 139-159; Shane: 160-209 (includes skip)

Online Study Tools

Perseus Project: Iliad Book 1

The Sound of Homer: Links to audio files of the first lines of the Iliad.

  1. Mt. Holyoke Site
  2. Avery Site
  3. Princeton Site


Other Sites of Interest

Homer Links, from the University of North Carolina

The Homer Homepage: Resource site for students. Some broken links.


Greek 3 Honor Pledge

As a member of Dr. Reider’s Greek 3 class, I agree to honor the following principles, in addition to the general class expectations covered separately:
1. I will not cheat by sharing answers with another student during either a test or a quiz, or by copying from another paper or knowingly allowing my paper to be copied by another. I understand that Dr. Reider trusts me to abide by this agreement even if he steps out of the room for a moment.
2. Although I understand that I may confer with others in doing my homework, I will not present another student’s work as mine. My name on any work signifies that I, not another, have done that work.
3. I will abide by Dr. Reider's class policy regarding use of published translations in preparing homework.
4. I will tell Dr. Reider before class if I have not been able to complete an assignment.
5. I will not write vocabulary words in my text.
6. I will not copy down translations as other students present them in class.
7. I will always respect other people’s property. I will not borrow books or notes from others or the classroom without their specific permission or Dr. Reider's.
8. I will conduct myself in class in a manner conducive to self-respect and the respect of others.