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Announcements: Welcome Back to School!!


Assignment Due by the Beginning of Class Period

12/1* No HW
12/3 Quiz on present active participles (also translate through the third paragraph but it won't be on quiz)
12/4 Quiz on five irregular 3rd declension nouns from pages 145-146
12/7 Translation work TBA
12/8* Quiz on Future Tense Forms
12/10 Translation work TBA
12/11 Quiz on Chapters 9-10 vocabulary
12/14 Quiz on "to go" and "to be"
12/15* Test on Chapters 9-10
1/7 No HW for today
1/8 review the Ch 11a grammar on the formation of the thematic aorist, 205-210. Tag the list of irregular aorist verbs on 210
1/11 review Ch 11b on irregular thematic aorist roots, 219-221
1/12* Quiz on Thematic Aorist Active and Middle of six verbs
1/14 Class will meet without me; work on your vocabulary quiz for tomorrow and/or Ch. 11b translation
1/15 Mish HOliday
1/19* Quiz on Chapters 1-5 vocab including principle partsu; visiting candidate will teach you today
1/21 Quiz on Chapter 11 vocabulary (includes principal parts of verbs)
1/22 Class will meet without me; work on your vocabulary quiz for tomorrow and/or Ch. 12b translation
1/25 Vocabulary Review Quiz on Chapters 6-10 (includes principal parts of verbs where included in Quizlet/iFlash)
1/26* Quiz on Sigmatic Aorist, all forms

Quiz on Chapter 12 vocabulary (includes principal parts of verbs)

2/2* Test on Chapters 11-12
2/18 Class will meet without me; work on Geography Project
2/19 Class will meet without me; work on Geography Project
2/22 National Greek Exam Geography Project Due
  Celebration class!!!!!
  Review Test on All Vocabulary Chapters 1-8

Online Study Tools

Here are some useful sites and tools I have found to aid your study. We will add to this list as we move through the year.

Type Greek (using a standard keyboard). A key to the alphabet is available:


Links to Online Sites of Interest

Maps for Students, by Orbis at Stanford University


Greek 1 Honor Pledge

As a member of Dr. Reider’s Greek 1 class, I agree to honor the following principles, in addition to the general class expectations covered separately:
1. I will not cheat by sharing answers with another student during either a test or a quiz, or by copying from another paper or knowingly allowing my paper to be copied by another. I understand that my teacher trusts me to abide by this agreement even if out of the room for a moment.
2. Although I understand that I may confer with others in doing my homework, I will not simply copy another student’s work and present it as mine. My name on any work signifies that I have done that work, not another.
3. I will not use any translation, published or online, as an aid for my homework.
4. I will tell my teacher before class if I have not been able to complete an assignment.
5. I will not write vocabulary words in my text.
6. I will not copy down translations as other students present them in class.
7. I will always respect other people’s property. I will not borrow books or notes from others or the classroom without their specific permission.
8. I will conduct myself in class in a manner conducive to self-respect and the respect of others.