Expectations and Policies for Dr. Reider’s Classes

General Expectations:
• Help to make the learning of Latin or Greek a pleasant experience for all.
• Bring all books to every class, unless I tell you otherwise. (If you forget you may be sent back for the book at my discretion, incurring a tardy.) Save all papers.
• Check the web page and your email daily for messages from me.
• Review the Honor Code, Grading Standards, and statements on Academic Responsibility of Students and Unfair Work, posted in the classroom.
• No food, gum, mints, or drinks in class, unless by my specific permission.

The relationship between teacher and class is founded upon and built up by TRUST and MUTUAL RESPONSIBILITY. No amount of rules can fully get to these qualities. However, here are some expectations and rules covering common situations that occur during a school year.

Homework Policies:
• Homework assignments will be available on my website. Typically, assignments are posted for the entire term. However, assignments are subject to change up until the end of the previous class period. In case of a change of assignment. I will notify you either in class or by email. WRITE THE NEW ASSIGNMENT DOWN. The website will not always be updated to reflect the change. If you have a question about the HW assignment, please contact me as instructed below. No-HW days will also be announced and/or posted. Not knowing the HW assignment is not an excuse for not having it prepared. (Also technical difficulties with computers, printers, etc. are not an excuse for not having HW prepared. Don't wait. Ask other students, your house advisers, etc, for help in overcoming technical problems.)
• Homework is due at the beginning of each class period. All HW preparation is assessed, including uncollected and unwritten preparation (for instance, lines to be translated in class or discussion questions.) REMEMBER: your performance on daily HW’s, whether written out or not, collected or not, will significantly influence your grade. Students who have to fetch their HW during class time will be assessed a tardy for the class.
• Each student gets one “Get out of HW, FREE” pass per term. Use any class for which HW is due. Not valid for avoiding announced quizzes, essays, in-class presentations or tests. These passes MUST be redeemed at the beginning of the class period. If a student does not use the pass at the beginning of class, and then is found to be unprepared (or preparing the HW during class time), he/she will lose the pass AND get a “0” for that day.
• HW assignments are designed to take 30-45 minutes (depending on the level of the class) of your quality time, sometimes less. Quality time means UNDISTRACTED prime study time. If you are regularly having trouble completing assignments in the designated amount of time, please talk with me about it privately. Help with time management, tutors, and other resources are available.
• Major written assignments such as essays may be emailed to me as an attachment at any time up until the due date of the assignment.

Attendance Policies:
• If you do not attend class FOR ANY REASON, including illness, it is proper for you to email or call me in a timely fashion (that day) to inform me of your situation and to check with me about making up any class content. That is the goal. Sometimes students have extenuating circumstances. These will always been considered when appropriate.
• If you miss an announced quiz or test for any reason, including illness, I WILL check up on you with the proper office. Please don’t take it personally. It is my responsibility to know your situation and assess your case for a possible make-up.
• Tardiness: Arrive on time to class! Recurring tardiness, even of a minute or two, will not be tolerated. This is an area where I will use my discretion in all cases.

Extensions/Make-Ups Policy:
• If you find yourself unprepared to take an announced quiz or a test, or late preparing a paper you may ask for an extension. Every situation is different, so there is no hard and fast rule. However, typically an extension would result in a 10% reduction in the final grade, per class period missed. Quizzes must be made up in 24 hours, calendar permitting. Tests must be made up in 48 hours, calendar permitting. Certain assessments, for instance pop quizzes and sight translations, are not eligible for this option. Be sure to check with me before class with any questions or problems. (NOTE: I reserve the right to deny an extension request from any student, at any time, based on the factors of the case. Please do not abuse the extensions policy — e.g. don't ask more than once in any term or twice in the year.)
• Make-ups may also be offered you following poor performance on a quiz or test. Please check with me about the availability of this option and any conditions. Needing make-ups too frequently indicates time-management problems and will result in notification of your adviser, or referral to the Academic Dean’s office.

Your final grade will consist of the following elements:
Fall term average: 25%
Winter term average: 25%
Spring term average: 25%
Year-End Portfolio: 10% (You will be notified which assignments, or portions of assignments, in each term will count towards your year-end portfolio)
Final Exam: 15%

PLEASE stay in direct contact with me regarding concerns, questions, or problems you may have with any aspect of class. This is especially important if you are struggling, even if only for a few days. I am sympathetic to the stuggles of life at SPS, and I will usually cut you slack, but only if I know what is going on. If I write "see me" on a paper I return to you, see me RIGHT AWAY. It doesn't mean you are in trouble, it means I wish to help.

CONTACT ME if you need help:
• (low urgency) campus extension: 229-4898 and leave a message
• (normal to high urgency) home telephone: 226-6416 before 9:30 PM (I go to bed EARLY so keep this in mind)
• email me (just click the link): click me!

• Scheduled extra help session: Mondays during lunch in my classroom, Schoolhouse 118
• In Chapel four mornings per week
• Hum Flex blocks in my classroom, or before and after my classes
• On duty in Kitt II Friday nights
• In my apartment at 125 Dunbarton Rd by appointment (this is the road that leads from the gym out to the boat docks and turf field. My house is the duplex on the left, just before the driveway for the facilities area ("white barn"); look for the number 125 on the post and a blue rocking chair on my porch.)