Latin 4 Honors
D Block, 2015

Fall: The Aeneid, Books 1-6

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Assignments (find your reading pair assignments here):

Date Due


9/15 Send me an email affirming your acceptance of the Honor pledge and class policies. Review the first 11 lines of the Aeneid and begin to re-memorize! I will check!

Re-memorization check!

9/17 Rememorization Due!
9/18 Line assignments from Book 1 (Review from last year) Rotation 1: A 81-94 (refert) , B 94-107, C 108-122 (hiems), D 122-135, E 136-149
9/21* Column Quiz #1
9/23 Line assignments Rotation 2: A 150-165, B 166-179, C 180-194, D 195-209, E 210-222
9/25 Review Quiz written scansion
9/28* Line assignments Rotation 3: A 223-237, B 238-253, C 254-266, D 267-279 (dedi), E 279-293 (dabunt)
9/30 Column Quiz #2
10/1 Read the remainder of Book 1 in English. Pay particular attention to the discussion questions provided.
10/2 Test: Column Quiz #3 and Sight Translation
10/5* Cricket Holiday
10/7 Read Book 2 in English up to line 255 (of the translation). Prepare the discussion questions.
10/8 Column Quiz #4
10/9 Line Assignments from Book 2 Rotation 4: A 199-211, B 212-224, C 225-237 (intendunt), D 237-249, E 268-280
10/12* Read the remainder of Book 2 in English (from line 315) and prepare the discussion questions.
10/16 Column Quiz #5

Read book 4 in English up to line 189 and prepare the discussion questions. Begin reading Euripides' Medea (lines 1-134)


Line assignments from Book 4, Rotation 5: A 296-309, B 310-324, C 325-339, D 340-353, E 354-367


Work on this discussion sheet for Aeneid Bk. 4; continue reading Medea (lines 276-419)

10/23 Test: Column Quiz #6
10/28 Finish Reading Euripides' Medea and prepare the discussion questions (part of the original document linked for 10/7)
10/29 Read the translation lines 593-end; work on your papers, and bring me an outline if you wish
10/30 Column Quiz #7
11/2* Work on your papers! We will watch a movie in class today and tomorrow.
11/4 Work on your papers! I am willing to comment on a draft up until bedtime Sunday, November 3
11/5 Virgil/Euripides Paper Due
11/6 Read book 6 in English to (translation) line 478 and prepare the discussion questions
11/9* Line assignments from Book 6, Rotation 6: A: 417-430, B:431-444, C: 445-460, D: 461-474, E: 475-488
11/12 Test: Column Quiz #8 and Sight Translation
11/13 Line assignments from Book 6: A6 679-698, B6 699-718, C6 719-738, D6 739-759
11/16* Line assignments from Book 6: B7 760-779 (educet), C7 779-797, D7 798-818, A7 819-837
11/20* Column Quiz all columns!!!
  Line assignments from Book 6: D5 548-565, A5 566-584, B5 585-603(adsimilis), C5 603-632
  Line assignments from Book 4: D1 365-378, A1 379-392; (Read the translation lines 495-565); B1 450-463, C1 464-477; continue reading Medea (lines 276-419)
  Interpretive Dance Due!! Celebration Class

Online Study Tools

Words Dictionary, by William Whitaker. Latin to English and English to Latin

The Latin Library. Clean Virgil Text For Student Download

Other Sites of Interest

Orbis. Maps of the Ancient Roman World by Stanford University

Silva Rhetoricae: Descriptions and examples of devices derived from classical poetry and rhetoric.

Advanced Latin 4 Honor Pledge

As a member of Dr. Reider’s Latin class, I agree to honor the following principles, in addition to the general class expectations covered separately:
1. I will not cheat by sharing answers with another student during either a test or a quiz, or by copying from another paper or knowingly allowing my paper to be copied by another. I understand that Dr. Reider trusts me to abide by this agreement even if he steps out of the room for a moment.
2. Although I understand that I may confer with others in doing my homework, I will not present another student’s work as mine. My name on any work signifies that I, not another, have done that work.
3. I will abide by Dr. Reider's class policy regarding use of published translations in preparing homework.
4. I will tell Dr. Reider before class if I have not been able to complete an assignment.
5. I will not write vocabulary words in my text.
6. I will not copy down translations as other students present them in class.
7. I will always respect other people’s property. I will not borrow books or notes from others or the classroom without their specific permission or Dr. Reider's.
8. I will conduct myself in class in a manner conducive to self-respect and the respect of others.