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Welcome Back to School!!!!


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Welcome Back to School! Bring with you all the texts bought at the Bookstore! Please review my class policies and "The Method" by clicking the links.

Read the introduction to the textbook, pages 1-8 and prepare this treasure hunt. Translate p. 25 (write it out please). Review this information about the nominative and accusative cases.


Read closely pages 13-17 of the introduction; Translate p. 27 (write it out please). Review this information about the genitive and dative cases.


Read closely pages 8-12 of the introduction; Translate p. 29 (write it out if you wish). Review this information about the ablative case.

Workbook, pages 2-5 all.
Test on the Treasure Hunt, Roman Army and Camp Life, The Uses of Cases, and Translation/Grammar of B.G. 1.1
Translate p. 31-33 (write it out if you wish and be prepared to answer grammatical q's) Begin studying this vocabulary list from Caesar.
Translate p. 35; Student-led project begins: The Early History of Gaul
Translate p. 37; project continues
Vocabulary Quiz
Cricket Holiday
Quiz similar to the worksheet handed out in class
Translate page 39 and answer the prep. Q's through line 9 in the workbook (p. 18-19); Review this information about Gerunds and Gerundives.
Translate p. 41 and answer the prep q's through line 20 in the workbook (19); Review this information about The Relative Pronoun.
Test: grammar q's from Bk. 1.3-5 plus sight translation from Caesar (here is an additional link to information about ut clauses)
Review this information about Comparison of Adjectives
Translate from where we left off to the end of page 47; here is a link to the second vocabulary list from Caesar
Prepare for Short Analysis style questions in your workbook for 1. 3-7

Translate page 47; here is a link to the second vocabulary list from Caesar


Test: Vocabulary lists 1-2, comparatives/superlatives, indirect statement, and Short Analysis style questions on Bk. 1 chapters 3-7


Bk. 6 readings: translate page 183


Translate p. 185 upper part Start learning the third set of vocabulary


Translate p. 185 lower part; workbook prep q's pages 168-169.

Quiz on vocabulary 1-3
Translate p. 187
Translate p. 189 and answer the prep q's in the workbook p. 177-178
Translate p. 191 and answer the prep q's in the workbook (186-187) through line 13
Translate p. 193 and answer the remaining prep q's AND the multiple choice q's in workbook (187-190); Begin studying this vocabulary list from book 6
Translate p. 195; review the rubric on Essay writing and scoring
Test: Essay (in English) on Bk. 6.13-16
Translate p. 197 and answer the prep q's in the workbook (194-195)
Test: sight translation + grammar questions: (Indirect Questions, Sequence of tenses, cum clauses)
Quiz on vocabulary from Bk 6
Celebration class

Online Study Tools

Perseus Project: Ovid's Metamorphoses Text, word look-up, notes, and English available

The Metamorphoses Illustrated

The Classic Text: Ovid Book Plates and Historical Editions

The Latin Library: Ovid Clean text available for student download.

Words Dictionary, by William Whitaker. Download the version that corresponds to your computer's operating system.


Other Sites of Interest

Silva Rhetoricae: Descriptions and examples of devices derived from classical poetry and rhetoric.

Forum Romanum, a website devoted to Latin literature and Roman culture.

VRoma, an interactive site with many links and visual resources.

Maps for Students, by the Ancient World Mapping Center at the University of North Carolina


Latin 3H Honor Pledge

As a member of Dr. Reider’s Latin class, I agree to honor the following principles, in addition to the general class expectations covered separately:
1. I will not cheat by sharing answers with another student during either a test or a quiz, or by copying from another paper or knowingly allowing my paper to be copied by another. I understand that Dr. Reider trusts me to abide by this agreement even if he steps out of the room for a moment.
2. Although I understand that I may confer with others in doing my homework, I will not present another student’s work as mine. My name on any work signifies that I, not another, have done that work.
3. I will abide by Dr. Reider's class policy regarding use of published translations in preparing homework.
4. I will tell Dr. Reider before class if I have not been able to complete an assignment.
5. I will not write vocabulary words in my text.
6. I will not copy down translations as other students present them in class.
7. I will always respect other people’s property. I will not borrow books or notes from others or the classroom without their specific permission or Dr. Reider's.
8. I will conduct myself in class in a manner conducive to self-respect and the respect of others.